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LEMO Connector Replacement Assembly - 60° Two Key

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Product Information
LEMO Style Connector
Gold-plated terminals
Self-locking function

Our LEMO style replacement connector includes a 60° (sixty degree) two key (double slot) with an 8-pin replacement assembly. This connector is commonly used by manufacturers of patient monitor cables / sensors and this style connector is compatible with products from Edan, Masimo, Mindray, Edan, Spacelab, Zoll, Biolight, Infinium Medical, and more.

Our LEMO style 8-pin connector is compatible with a variety of sensors and modules. This particular arrangement is used on EtCO2 (including the CAPNOSTAT5 LOFLO by Philips Respironics), SPO2, and some NIBP sensor connections in patient monitor cables.