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ClearVue Camera Blade, Reusable (MAC2 - Pediatric)


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Product Information

  • Type Macintosh
  • Size MAC2 (Pediatric)
  • Measurements 117.4 x 23.8 x 36.5 (mm)
  • Reusable up to 1,000 times
  • Cleaning Procedure low-temperature sterilization or antimicrobial soaking/wipes
  • Anti-Fogging Technology heat generating component instantly clears lens during use
  • Blade Camera Lens LED Illuminated, 2.0 Megapixel full-view (66° field angle)
  • Quick and Easy Installation insert/remove from handle within seconds
MAC3 (Adult) and MAC4 (difficult airway) reusable blade sizes are available for purchase separately. Low cost disposable blade laryngoscope options are also available (features individually packaged and hermetically sealed blades) for purchase.