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ClearVue Video Laryngoscope (Disposable Blade)

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This kit includes:
Locking Storage Case (with keys)
USB Cable and Wall Adapter
User Manual (USB Drive)
3 Disposable Macintosh Blades: (MAC2 (Pediatric) / MAC3 (Average Adult/Difficult Airway) / MAC4 (Adult))
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Infinium Medical Clearvue Video Laryngoscope (VLS) offers state-of-the-art image technology. Achieve first-attempt success and avoid complications during the intubation process for pediatric, average adult and difficult airway patients. A 2-megapixel full-view camera and high resolution display screen together offer a full, clear view of the glottis. The Clearvue's carefully designed ergonomic handle and light weight (12.3 ounces, 350g) makes it easy to use for standard or direct laryngoscopy techniques in tracheal/endotracheal and respiratory intubation procedures. Made with durable (lightweight) polycarbonate, this VLS is compact and portable. The ClearVue is identical to the Eagle Vision Video Laryngoscope; and the DRE InView HD Video Laryngoscope

Adjustable Screen 90° Tilt
Programmable Date and Time
Screen Size 3.5-inch (3.75” x 2.75”)
High-Definition Color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Screen Indicators Time/Date and Battery Life
Controls Power (on/off), Menu Key, Scroll Keys (up/down)
Anti-Shatter Screen reinforced, engineered to withstand wear and tear
Sealed Handle and Display for easy sterilization (with antimicrobial wipes)
External Monitor Connection (optional) allows larger view for training/presentation

Blade Type Macintosh, Disposable (Individually Packaged, Vacuum Sealed)
Sizes average adult, pediatric and difficult airways (see measurements below)
Blade Measurements (mm): MAC2 (Pediatric) 117.4 x 23.8 x 36.5 MAC3 (Avg. Adult / Difficult Airway) 130.4 x 23.9 x 43.3 / MAC4 (Adult) 137.6 x 26 x 53.1
Quick and Easy Installation apply/remove from handle within seconds
Blade Camera LED illuminated with instant anti-fogging technology (heat generating component instantly clears lens during use)
Camera Lens 2.0 Megapixel full-view (66° field angle)
Additional Blades available for purchase separately
Low Cost Alternative to reusable blades

Quick Shot Camera Button record video & still images (press for image, hold for video)
Automatically Saves image/video files (formatted with date/time stamp)
Video Mode time counter and blinking “recording” indicator
Download video (.MP4) and images (.JPG)
Review images/video on VLS display screen
Internal Memory SD Card (4GB)

Rechargeable Internal Lithium Ion; allows 3+ hours of continuous use
Charging Method USB Cable and Outlet Power Adapter (included)
Display Indicators Remaining Power, Low Battery Reminder, Charging
Reusable blade video laryngoscope option also available (1,000+ uses per blade)