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CapnoVision Pro Video Laryngoscope Kit

$1,978.90 USD $1,693.99 USD

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Kit Includes:
Blade Starter Kit (5 disposable Macintosh blades)
(1) MAC1 (infant)
(1) MAC2 (child/pediatric)
(1) MAC3 (average adult)
(1) MAC4 (large/obese airway)
(1) MAC5 (difficult airway)
Locking Storage Case (with keys)
Wall Charger and USB Cable
User Manual
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Avoid complications in patients of all sizes and achieve first-attempt success with the CapnoVision Pro Video Laryngoscope (VLS). This state-of-the-art intubation solution for tracheal/endotracheal and respiratory intubation procedures (using direct or standard technique) offers a lightweight, compact and portable advanced design. A button on the ergonomic grip handle allows users to seamlessly record video and capture still images. The CapnoVision Pro is simple to prepare for use, easy to operate, and requires minimal maintenance.

Mounted on an 90° adjustable tilt axis, the 3.5” high-definition, reinforced anti-glare color LCD display features on-screen date/time and battery life indicators; and on/off and menu navigation control buttons. Sealed for easy cleaning, the display and handle can be sterilized quickly.

The Quick Shot handle button records and automatically saves still mages (.JPG) and video (.MP4) to the internal memory card (press for image, hold for video). Video mode features duration timer, blinking “recording” indicator; and user-controlled pause/stop commands. Each record is date/time stamped and can be reviewed on the device; or exported to a PC.

Its high-resolution image technology and 66° full-view 2-megapixel optical camera lens provides real-time, clear video feed. To ensure maximum airway visibility, the lens also features a professional LED illuminated lighting system; and automatic anti-fogging technology to instantly clear the camera lens.

Blades are individually packaged and vacuum sealed for single use applications. The camera blade stick features a secure clip-in system for quick and easy installation and removal. Multiple blade options are available to accommodate the following patient oral cavity sizes:
MAC1 - infant (95x28x12.5mm)    
MAC2 - child/pediatric (110x29x13mm)
MAC3 - adult (120x27x13mm)
MAC4 - large/obese airway (135x22x14mm)
MAC5 - difficult airway (120x29x16mm)    

The CapnoVision Pro is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that independently powers the display and blade camera for an average optimal operating time of 2+ hours, on a full charge. A “low battery” indicator alerts users 15-minutes prior to a complete battery discharge; and a green LED light will illuminate while the battery is charging. Built to last, this battery does not require deep discharge, can be connected to a charging source for extended periods of time without concern for damage; and will maintain peak performance through repetitive charge cycles.