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Mindray Dryline II Water Trap Adult/Pediatric (115-058733-00)

$30.24 USD $24.19 USD

  • Size Adult/Pediatric (120-200 ml/min)
  • Model Dryline II (single slot)
  • P/N 115-058733-00
  • Response time accuracy via a flow-optimized gas sample path
  • 0.45 μm hydrophobic self-sealing bacteria filter prevents moisture, mucous, humidity and bacterial contamination
  • Semi-disposable (for use up to one month)
  • For use with single slot Sidestream CO2 module
  • Fits Flush and panel mounting options
  • Automatic water trap type identification and automatic pump shut down
Mindray/Datascope Patient Monitors:
  • Passport 8 Passport 12 Passport 12m Passport 17m
  • N Series N1 N12 N15 N17 N19 N22
  • T1 Monitor